Thursday, September 4, 2008

A New Light

I responded to a blog comment today on another page that reminded me of how I need to daily put my life in new light. My light gets stale even after one day. Even though I intend to be positive, I end up thinking the worst time and time again. Not only that, just tweeking your thoughts can change your situation so completely. When we look at things and think of them as curses or mess ups, we will hate our situations and our actions. However, sometimes situations in the right light can be blessings and opportunities. Also, if you are painting a painting, and you mess up, then you have created an opportunity to experiment or elaborate. On the canvas, a mistake is never truly a mistake. So it is with life. Our lives are canvases. If we look at them as random splotches of paint that seem to be splattered on a meaningless surface, we can loose focus on the big pictures. The big picture is that there is a painting being formed! Each splatter, each splot is a beautiful collage of life. Enjoy your splotches today!


Gary Andrew Clarke said...

Hey, I really like your blogs. If you'd like you could check mine out..Ive only just started but I think we have some similar ideas.

God Bless


Innovative Defense said...

I have seen you on Karla's blog, as well as another blog. Feel free to check out mine and comment.


Gary Andrew Clarke said...

If someone painted my life it would be one of those crazy modern art things where the painter seemingly just threw random splashes of colour at the canvas. Your blog has made me feel a little better about that.. lol