Monday, September 1, 2008

The Little Spider

I was cleaning one night after my husband went to bed and I encountered a spider. Of course, this spider was not of the normal size, it was quite a large spider when considered in the general context of our small abode. Then again, it was just over an inch body wise and its legs were just less than two inches. But I was so scared and discombobulated, that I knew I must put the problem on hold and consult my spider expert, my husband. Though he was in a deep sleep, I awoke him and spoke to him of my problem, the “little” spider. He took a few moments, pulled together his strength, and went to relieve me of my problem. He removed the lid that I had used to cover up the spider in my escape and then whapped the spider with his sandal. I was relieved. I saw the spider was a large spider indeed, but I knew that I could have handled it, but I had wanted to rely on my husband to get me out of harm’s way.

We do the same thing with life. We encounter problems and circumstances that are just beyond our own reach and we sometimes think we can handle them. Then we realize that though we could face these problems on our own, we decide that we are not quite as “fierce” as we wanted to be in that situation. So we cower down, and we wait. What if we didn’t just cower, what if we asked for help? I know that God is waiting just like a husband would. He’s waiting just by our side, waiting for us to ask for his help. He doesn’t care that it’s just a “little spider”; He sincerely cares about our littlest dilemma. How amazing! I’m so ready to ask my husband for help, but I delay when it comes to our deliverer who wants to save me on a regular basis. I realize now that when I reach this situation that is just beyond my reach, and just farther than my comfort zone, Jesus is right there with sandal in hand ready to squish my little spider.


Terrie said...

Great analogy! :o)

Vicki G. said...

That's a great take on God's willingness to help us when we need him.