Friday, October 3, 2008

Days Carry On

It's positive that days continue without our consent. Even when I do not feel them pass they go. Really, that is a good thing. If I got stuck in a rut and so did the days then I don't think time would ever continue on. Thank goodness none of that depends upon me and my disposition. One day, I have a plan and energy and I get a lot done. The next, I'm completely helpess and the day passes like I was not a member of it. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my moods resulting in either a listless me or a very odd scatterbrained me. I certainly wish I could predict my outlook a few days ahead of time. That way I could plan around the days I know that I can't seem to accomplish anything and then I could do all sorts of things on the days that I feel like I can do anything. This too shall pass, right? I read somewhere that some people don't get their energy or regular self back until after the wee one starts sleeping through the night. That's a long time! I will claim it to be not true. So today passes and that would be fine . . . if I could only remember the day.

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Vicki G. said...

Sound like you've been a little foggy headed. That's not too unusual. :) I tagged you drop by my blog for your optional assignment.