Sunday, August 24, 2008

How I Met My Husband

I am doing this at the suggestion of Sunday Scribblings. I haven't quite figured this whole blogspot thing out yet.

I was a freshman in college and I began to attend the Officer Christian Fellowship (OCF) meetings. They were a great influence on my life at the time because as most freshman in college I had so many different influences pulling me this way and that. For the first semester, I attended about every other meeting. Also, I started dating a sophomore from VMI. He was a spunky guy who really made me question a lot of things about my life. Of course, I was pretty happy to be dating a sophomore when I was only a freshman. But really my life was a rollercoaster during this time. I questioned my faith, my beliefs, and I really let down myself and a whole lot of other people. However, the one good things this guy ended up doing was that he introduced me to future husband.

One other VMI guy helped me out and paid for me to go on the OCF retreat in February. My boyfriend at the time wouldn't go. He waited outside with me as I waited to get on the bus to leave for the retreat. A rat (at VMI that's the freshmen) walked up and my boyfriend introduced me to him. He said this guy James was tutoring him in math. Of course, I was confused because I couldn't figure out why the freshman was tutoring my sophomore boyfriend. I brushed it off and said goodbye to my boyfriend and got on the bus.

I ended up sitting next to another friend of mine who was a senior at VMI. He was actually the student in charge of the OCF that year. We talked for a while and then he wanted to talk to a friend who was sitting a few rows ahead next to the window. So he switched with the guy next to him and so guess who ended up next to me? James. We talked the entire ride to Salt Water Springs. I figured I was okay hanging out with him because he knew I was dating the sophomore. The retreat began and we still ended up seeing a lot of each other. We played board games, talked, walked, and ended up seating near each other the entire retreat. By this time, I definitely thought he might have missed the fact that I was dating the sophomore. So I ended up getting one of my friends to give him the scoop later on, but he still wanted to be my friend. We exchanged IM screen names and talked all the time.

As you might guess, the sophomore and me didn't work out. He told me he was going to take some other girl to his Junior Ring Figure. So I told him he'd have to find another girlfriend. It took a while but James and I ended up beginning to date the following OCF retreat, and then we were engaged a few months before we graduated college. I guess in the end, I have the sophomore to thank for introducing me to my husband!


Terrie said...

Looks like your getting to get the hang of blogging really quick!

Vicki G. said...

Thanks for sharing your love story. You're blessed!!