Thursday, January 22, 2009


You'd think that after four months without James that I could easily acclimate to having an extra pair of hands, a back massager, an extra cook, and someone to talk to when I'm at home. Yet, routine does not come easy when there is an extra person with their own ideas coexisting with you. I plan on cleaning up when I get home from work, but then it's just so easy to just play the Wii with James or work on crosswords together. I think how good it would be to eat at home more, but it is so easy to say "want to go out to eat?" and you have a collaborator saying "Sure!" It's so funny how I can talk myself out of being "naughty" but when it James is my coconspirator, man, are we bad! Fortunately, we both realize that we are being lazy, and we both are trying to do little bits to improve our messy surroundings, and I think we both want to feel some sense of routine. Only some days, however much we want to do the right thing, we both pal up and do something besides the productive task. I guess at some point some sense of normality will return and we'll both get set into a better way of life, but I guess until then, I am seriously going to go batty.